Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happenings...a lot of them

It has been such an exciting summer.  We have had a lot happen.  I used to think that as life progressed things would progressively get less busy.  Then I remember my dad telling me he had never been busier in his life...this was after all 9 kids were moved out!
First big news is that DONNY GRADUATED!!!  This was such a fun day.  As I saw him walking with the rest of the graduates during the beginning of the ceremony I was overwhelmed with a sense of pride, the good kind.  I was so proud of all that he did to get to this point and to be able to be part of it with him.  I can't even begin to explain the dedication that he has had through these past three years.  He has spent hours and hours studying, memorizing, researching, etc.  I think for the past 3 years he has had permanent red eyes from all the reading.  Yet through it all I have never felt second to it all.  He has managed to balance this busy time and has kept the most important things first!  Love him!

Well the fun was short lived.  After graduation bar preparations began, back to school.  Donny took a prep course that was just under 3 months.  This was a pretty intense course but we knew it would just be this short time and would pay off in the end.  Being the supportive wife that I am I took off to Idaho for "sisters week."  There is nothing quite like a sister, they just seem to understand you even when words are not spoken.  We got some things done at the house to prepare for the wedding...oh yea my sister got engaged while I was home.  So we planted the flower beds and trimmed the shrubs and bushes.  I LOVE yard work, don't tell my mom.  I miss being able to go out and just take care of it all.  My little porch with the flowers and tomato plant are just not doing it for me, all of which burnt up in the heat.  We did get 3 little tomatoes and it was a tasty tomato sandwich.  So after the work we did find time to play.  One of my sister in laws was performing in Time Out For Women in Pocatello.  So we all got to go to this.  Such an empowering experience that was magnified by being surround my all my sisters.  We were just missing mom, but she was where she needed to be (still on her mission for those who don't know). After all the work and fun it was so good to be home.  I'm still not good at being away from Donny for too long.
Fun with the cousins
How many babies can you pack in a suburban?
Love this picture.  These cousins were troopers during sisters week.  We drug them around to every store, kept them up late, neglected them while we worked, but they always ate well.
This time of year is so pretty at home
First taste of dirt
Growing up one of my favorite things was to have my dad push me on these
swings so that my feet would go over the apple trees.  Addison loves to swing!
Then came the event that we had been anticipating for a while.  This anticipation wasn't always a good one, but to have the event done was something we were so excited for.  This event was
the Bar
Donny had worked so hard for so long and the time to shine finally came the end of July.  This test is ridiculously intense.  It is split in to two days each day has two sections.  The first day's section was three hours comprised of 6 essays.  Then a little break then another 3 hours of 2 longer essays.  The fun doesn't end there.  You get to come back the next day where there are 2 more 3 hour blocks each block containing 100 multiple questions.  Glad it was Donny and not me, after 20 multiple choice questions I would have started drawing pictures with the bubble sheets.  Well Donny survived and I'm sure did awesome, we don't find out the result till October.  So we finally reached the point that we had looked forward to so much it didn't seem real, but we are loving it.  Oh something I almost forgot.  The test was in Phoenix and Donny stayed there from Monday night till Wednesday night.  We he got home Addison was so excited to see him.  She crawled right to him and wouldn't let him put her down for about 20 minutes! 

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